Bill Hybels in his book 'Courageous Leadership' says we should spend 50% of our work schedule on self-management. In other words half of our time should be on developing ourselves.

For Christians and especially those in ministry this centres on the inner life, our study, and our gaining that mysterious quality which St Benedict called wisdom. This may sound over indulgent. When would anything get done? Yet read the Gospels and tell me that Jesus Christ is not personally doing this AND requiring this amount of self discipline on his disciples? The Gospels do not show the apostles and disciples 'doing' lots of stuff but rather being pushed to the extremes in terms of their character and spiritual life. Faith teaches that it is from this source that things happen, that ministry flourishes RATHER than from an extensive programme of business. Therefore dark powers are overcome not by busy-ness but by fasting and prayer. Communities are transformed not by gimmicks but by people who can forgive others and maybe even forgive themselves. Miracles happen even at a distance when faith is experienced and people find the inner courage to believe. God is found not in an enterprise of activity but on a mountaintop or even crucified on a rubbish tip.