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Arriving in September 2016 our participant members of the new house at Malborough are (from left to right)  Lewis Eden (22) Vojtech "Johnny" Pacner (44) and Ed Hill (26). Lewis is from Aberdeen and has just completed a degree in forensic science, Johnny is from the Cezch Republic but has studied philosophy and politics in this country, and Ed is taking time out from primary school teaching. They will spend a year living in community exploring God's call or to quote Johnny "How my life can be more than just helping myself but serving others." This will be done in the context of parish life, part-time paid work and study. 

The idea of St Peter's Foundation came about in September 2015. It is an ecumenical venture to encourage a deeper discipleship and to help ordinary Christians get a greater sense of belonging community and vocation.  Since 2012 a group in Salcombe have been making a regular annual commitment to a shared rule of life called 'The Extra Mile'.  Based around the Sermon on the Mount this rule has been designed for ordinary people who seek to go further.  The rule borrows from the great monastic founders, Benedict, Francis and Ignatius but also celebrates parish spirituality.

In particular, our vision is to found a series of residential houses for young adults and mix them with dispersed fellowships following the same rule. In this both forms of community (sodal and modal) can mutually enrich each other.

Founding any community is challenging.  Belonging to an intentional community can have its joys and its pitfalls. In doing this we seek to work in total collaboration with local churches and diocese and to have input from those who have spiritual wisdom.