Submit by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an essay on one of the following titles and the best will receive a £50 Amazon gift voucher. Essays that are well written and suitable will be made available on this site at the webmaster's discretion.  You can send the essay in Word format but please do not include superscript/subscript footnotes. Entries are restricted to the UK. The essay will be judged by me and one other judge. The maximum length is two thousand words.  I am looking for something that presents traditional doctrine in an accessible and exciting way. The deadline is September 1st 2017 by midday.

You must choose one of the following headings.

1. Belief in the Nicene Creed is more important than ever. 

2. The third schism in Global Christianity is now between conservative and progressive Christians irrespective of their denomination.

3. Consumerism is the new religion for modern people. Catechesis is about detoxifying individuals from its worse effects.

4. Christians in the West have lost the culture wars so now is the time regroup by retreating into small communities.

5. In terms of Christian mission, it is better to be faithful than successful?

6. Can we love newcomers into our complex liturgies or should we ditch the old rites for Fresh Expressions?

7. What ever happened to Tim Farron?

8. Are there careers that traditionally minded British Christians cannot consider because of political correctness or new leglisation ? 

9. Why is Saint Benedict experiencing new interest - especially amongst evangelicals in America?

10. Is it possible for our society to identify and affirm "British values" (David Cameron) without reference to its Judeo-Christian roots?

11. Does Brexit/Trump tells us something about the state of liberal democracy today?

12. Is it accurate to say that the cause of  Middle Eastern Christians is deeply unfashionable in the West today?


(And for a bit of fun..)

13. Are Church of England pews full of Telegraph readers being preached to by Guardian reading clerics? 



Good luck and God bless!