Sacred Spaces - A Day of Parish Renewal

The Foundation team and I are available to run an away day for your parish. The day programme invites key members of your congregation to reflect on where best the energies of your church are deployed. A week or so before the away day we invite you to take a survey, which we provide, from as many people as possible in your church. During the away day we help you analyze that data to discern a vision for the next few years.   

The survey imagines seven sacred spaces of a monastery as a metaphor for the life of a church community. Respondents are asked to rate how much energy and effort is put into each aspect. The survey then gives a snapshot of what people think the church is up to.  

The away day includes worship and prayer, talks and lots of time for discussion.  We suggest that you will need two short follow-up sessions a month or two later to build up a complete picture. By the end of the process, you should have two or three concrete plans for the year ahead that you can take to your church council (PCC). 



We suggest that the away day is best done by taking your team to somewhere unfamiliar and away from your normal setting.  Here in this benefice, we can offer Holy Trinity Church, Galmpton which has in the countryside and has lots of space for groups or Holy Trinity Salcombe in the heart of the town which is spacious and modern.

For more information, on possible times and suggested donations, etc. please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.