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The Extra Mile has been written with ordinary people in mind. It is aimed at those who want to go deeper into discipleship but could never enter a cloister or have the opportunity to be an oversees missionary. It is ecumenical and has been written with no specific denomination in mind. Its spirituality is the parish - the ordinary local church.  Having said that it could be used by a Fresh Expression group.  This rule of life invites discipleship to be experienced around eight milestones.

  • 1. Daily Prayer
  • 2. Learning
  • 3. Fasting
  • 4. Serving
  • 5. Witness
  • 6. Renewal
  • 7. Church
  • 8. Vocation 

It is relevant for intentional communties living in a house and is equally good for dispersed fellowships.  Likewise, you could do The Extra Mile on your own and register online.