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As we continue to celebrate Easter, my mind has been concentrated on sheep and lambs recently! It's seasonal; the fields are full of them. Lambs in Spring! I love to see them gently staggering and swaying as they learn to skip - Giles thinks of mint sauce! - Ps 114 tells of the hills that skip like lambs - lambs symbolise the onset of Spring; new growth; new life. In Kent, farm signs invited all and sundry to lambing day on Sat between 10.30 and 4 - we fantasised about those poor ewes who had to cross their legs to wait for the appointed day and time! So, this morning I want us to think about lambs as they appear in the Bible.

Banish from your heads all thoughts of chickens! I am a penguin! You didn't realise? You mean, Giles, you really hadn't guessed? Look, you can see it's me! See the collar! Yes, I know it's not quite as impressive as the Beatles' I am the walrus - after all, John Lennon wrote that while spaced out on acid and it's considerably more surreal than Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and the Carpenter which was apparently its inspiration. Perhaps I relate more to the "elementary penguin" in the final verse! Let me explain.

As a child of the 1970s I was one of the first generations who could say that the moving image substantially impacted on my religious experiences.  Two examples come to mind, one from the cinema and the other from television.   After some In June 1977 my folks took me to see Star Wars.  There had been some chitter-chattering about it in my class and what was peculiar, if not unique, was that the playground reviews had a sense of awe and wonder about them. We went to a screening at Plymouth’s Drake Cinema (now a Chinese Buffet restaurant) and my memory is not so much of the film but my reaction afterwards. I possess this clear snap of memory,

A minister visited an unmarried couple who requested the baptism of the first child.  Barely in the door the clergyman informed them that he did not do bastards. It would come as no surprise to say that the child was never Christened and further more the couple vowed never to step inside a church ever again. I met her forty years later when she came to our hall for a car boot sale. I cannot say that I “fixed” her anti-church convictions but we did become friends and, indeed, had many laughs, including her second-to-none admiration for Lionel Richie.

One of the major promises of the Old Testament is that God will take our hearts of stone and transform them into hearts of flesh. (Ezekiel 36.26)Jesus calls us to be perfect as our Heavenly but equally He recommends us to be merciful as God is merciful. For many