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Young adults of any denomination can apply to our first residential community in 2017 in Devon.


Writing Competition

£50 Amazon voucher for the best 2,000 word theology essay.


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Post prayer requests for our team to mention in their daily gatherings.

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Parish Renewal Days

Father Daniel and the Foundation can lead an away day with follow-up sessions.  



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Candle 007At a time the political pessimism, religious oppression, material delusion and spiritual despair, we turn to Advent in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, in anticipation of Christmas Day and the revelation that God became man so that we might be redeemed and reconciled. This is the first part of an essay by the anonymous blogger Archbishop Cramner.  I thought it was a brilliant introduction to Advent.


EXCELLA v gReligious life and any serious following of Jesus has been compared to gambling it all at a casino. Most of us place it safe when it comes to religion, perhaps throwing the odd 50p in the collection plate and saying the occasional "O God" when things get tough.  Religious life is an invitation to take all the chips and put them on as a bet to God.  The risk, the gamble is that it may all be bunkem. and we could therefore waste our life away. 

san damiano crossGrown men cry at football matches and perhaps one or two have a sly weep at the movies. I cry at papal elections - or to be more precise at that moment when the pope comes out to the balcony.

churchstreetColumbian priest wrote recently in The Tablet of setting up a Bible study group for young adults in his country. Imagining that only a handful would attend he was stunned to be confronted with two hundred eager individuals. Yet, the capital city he described is akin to a war zone and many of these young men and women were on the receiving end of much criminality. Why did they attend when it is dangerous even to leave your house at night?