Live in Community

Young adults of any denomination can apply to our first residential community in 2017 in Devon.


Writing Competition

£50 Amazon voucher for the best 2,000 word theology essay.


Ask for Prayer

Post prayer requests for our team to mention in their daily gatherings.

RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah speaking at church congregation in Blaxland 150x150

Parish Renewal Days

Father Daniel and the Foundation can lead an away day with follow-up sessions.  



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images055ASNOD'Community' has becomes a hackneyed word and now everyone seems to be in a 'community'. There is apparently something called the 'internet community' for example. No doubt there is a stamp collectors community and a hot air baloon community. It's not usual to hear of all sorts of interest groups described under the all embracing heading of 'community.

Human beings have a way of horrible way of dehumanising each other.  It is all too easy to do this without thinking. It can be subtle and even bureacratic.