Live in Community

Young adults of any denomination can apply to our first residential community in 2017 in Devon.


Writing Competition

£50 Amazon voucher for the best 2,000 word theology essay.


Ask for Prayer

Post prayer requests for our team to mention in their daily gatherings.

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Parish Renewal Days

Father Daniel and the Foundation can lead an away day with follow-up sessions.  



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I love this passage from Ezekiel - it speaks to us of what it means to be human - hearts of flesh not hearts of stone. It sums up the theme of our Lent course on heartfulness. And it sums up the relationship of humanity and God: 'I will remove the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you - you shall be my people and I shall be your God.'

Home is where the heart is the saying goes. Home is more than a house and a homeland goes beyond geographical zones and international boundaries. People talk of being at home with something. The concept of ‘home’ feels powerfully nostalgic.. comforting. Home can be associated with relaxation, peace, family, love and just somewhere where we can be ourselves.

As part of their rule of life the monks of an island monastery get up in the middle of the night to pray. They go down to the beach and light a fire. Passages of Scripture are interspersed with long silences. The fire crackling and spitting embers are compelling to watch. The words from the Bible at each vigil service seem to strike deep chords. Yet even the most ardent monks robed in white habit seem groggy and a little twitchy. A profound silence is held and an eerie comradeship shared. The whole ceremony concludes with soothing and much welcome mugs of hot chocolate . Nothing much is said. The participants return to bed for a few more hours sleep before Matins at 7am.

Actions they say speak louder than words. And it true to say that I have claimed that the best sermons are not from pulpits, lecterns or soapboxes but are, in fact, the lives of others. I was greatly moved watching on the news yesterday Pope Francis visit the island of Lesbos and the migrant camps in particular. He went first to the children’s compound where there are children who have been orphaned or temporarily separated from mum and dad.